Picking A Team Is Like A Lottery

football-lotterySometimes picking your fantasy team can feel like a total lottery. You just don’t know enough about the players or their skills to know who you want on your side. There’s no real shortcut though, you’ll just get more knowledgeable and therefore better at it over time. You can do lots of research too of course and use sites like WhoScored to get better data to work with.

Lottery games are also sometimes a bit like playing fantasy football – as long as you accept that nothing is perfectly random and that getting the stats and knowing the players will help give you an edge there too. I don’t mean you’ll be able to ‘instantly predict the next 6 numbers out of the drawn machine’ kind of an edge. But a small edge that lottery players who can’t be bothered to do the work won’t have.

There’s lots of ways you can get that edge too. Lots of different software and systems to try out. It’s also a bit of a minefield though as there is a ton of trash out there too (I’ve bought a lot of it I can tell you!). So to start out you want to read up on the reviews – check out places like the RivRapp lottery system reviews, which give you real in-depth reviews from someone who has genuinely dug into these things. They cover the big name products out there like the ever popular Silver Lotto System as well as some of the more wacky lottery software I’ve never even heard of before. At least it gives you somewhere to start anyway. Particularly if you’re trying to snag that big old EuroMillions jackpot as the odds on that one are tough as hell.

But just like every game, it pays to put a bit of research and time in to get the most fun (and best results) out. Fantasy football games or lottery games alike.