Dream Football Better Than The Fantasy?

dreamingfootballI admit it, I do end up dreaming about football a lot. When you play it live, play fantasy football (what’s that again?), watch it on TV and talk about it at the pub – then it’s pretty much on your mind during all your waking hours. Although you might think your brain would shut off and think about something else instead while you’re asleep, but mine seems to prefer reliving the highlights reel 🙂

But one thing I haven’t really done yet is combine a holiday with a game. Sure, I’ve done the whole coach trip thing, and an expensive world cup trip with mates. But that’s not quite the same as trying to sneak an awesome match into the family holiday trip to Spain. But I was reading what Jim was saying on his website and now the idea is firmly planted. Why not combine the two together. I don’t mean be sneaky about it or anything – it’s just making sure everybody in the family gets to do something they love on holiday, right? So I’m thinking if I make up an itinerary with all the usual days on the beach, visit this, visit that, day here, day there — plus, day at the football. Sounds good, right?

Jim’s also got some useful football travel tips I was reading through too. Stuff to save you money and hassle when travelling to games. Some of it is obvious – in fact, most of it is obvious, but having read his tips it made me embarassed as to how much I didn’t do. He’s on Facebook too if you want to check him out there, or ask him for some travel help – I’m sure he wouldn’t mind.

Right then, off to check match schedules to see where the next family holiday is going to be – you have to set that seed of an idea early 🙂